Beginner Plus Supply List - Zipper Bag

Fabric – Two 1/4 cuts of coordinating fabric. Please choose a cotton or cotton blend--this will be the easiest to work with. 

Zipper – Any color plastic zipper that matches your fabric! Needs to be at least 12" long.

8” fabric scissors – Fiskars or Gingher are my preferred choice but anything made for sewing will do. A plastic handle makes cutting a little more comfortable. Make sure you use them only for fabric; it keeps them sharp! 

Pins Get something that is very skinny and easy to pull out your fabric. The glass heads are my top choice and come in a box. Also, make sure you have something to keep your pins in or some sort of cushion; it makes them easier to work with.  

Thread - All-purpose polyester is the best. Pick your favorite color or a match to your fabric!

Machine Needles - There are so many kinds! Your machine should come with one (probably 80/20) but it’s always good to have extras. They are thick but they can break! The only machines not able to use the universal Schmetz needles are Singers. They have their own needles. I would get a variety pack with a couple different sizes. 

Seam ripper - Everyone needs one! Mistakes are inevitable and a good seam ripper makes the undoing process a little quicker and less bitter. I think the smaller ones are the best! 

Your Machine! - it never hurts to put it on the list :)


Places in Columbia to find your supplies--- 

Creative Sewing Center


House of Fabrics